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AfRE Conference and AGM 13th November 2015, London


**Change of Keynote Speaker**

Our Keynote Speaker will now be Chris Cushing, representing Medicins Sans Frontieres.

Chris has 25 years’ experience in leading humanitarian strategies with NGOs, Red Cross, United Nations, Governments, Academia and the Private Sector. 
He first joined Medecins Sans Frontieres in 1990 and has led international emergency humanitarian field operations with MSF, Red Cross, CARE, Handicap International and Plan International.  His field operations have covered 17 wars and two disaster areas in +27 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia and in another +55 countries at the global level.   Notably, he led the MSF Exploratory Mission into the Rwanda Genocide from April-July, 1994. 
Chris is also an Associate Faculty Member of the Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit at the University of York, UK. 


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A huge thank you to our host sponsor

Cardiff Metropolitan University

who kindly hosted

'Research Ethics Applications – a refresher course'

on 10th September

With special thanks to our wonderful Speakers and my particular thank you to Anne Burns and Kate Jefferies without whom I simply could not have managed!

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Inside the Ethics Committee

A dilemma arises for a surgeon when a young woman called Sarah is referred to his clinic.

Six years earlier, Sarah injured her knee in a skiing accident and the intervening years have been dominated byoperations to repair her knee, each followed by months of gruelling rehabilitation.

But despite all this, Sarah's knee remains unstable and painful and it's taking its toll on her mental health.

Various surgeons have refused to amputate her leg and recommend that she either accept her existing level of disability or agree to further operations.

But Sarah is adamant - she wants her leg amputated. She doesn't want to live as she is and has lost faith in the medical profession's ability to give her a knee that will enable her to be active.

The surgeon is caught in a dilemma - he appreciates how she feels but should he amputate her leg?



Born this way? Society, sexuality and the search for the 'gay gene'






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