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Venue: Bristol University

The Engine Shed

23rd April 2015

Working in partnership: AfRE and the University of Bristol

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Effecting cultural change in research ethics and integrity

Venue: University of Glasgow

15th June 2015

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Research Ethics Applications – a refresher course

Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

24th June 2015

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Research and Vulnerable Groups - 27th May, City University, London

Refresher training for REC Members - Sheffield Hallam University,  24th June.

Refresher training for REC Members - Cardiff Metropolitan University, 10th Sept.


AfRE Newsletter February 2015


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 A Master Class in Research Ethics


Research ethics, even in the social sciences, is a remarkably ‘fluid’ field of endeavour.  This means that researchers, research managers and research reviewers have a range of challenges to meet if they are to keep up to date and remain ‘ethically aware’. The purpose of this course is to equip researchers, research managers and research reviewers with ideas, templates, insights and up-to-date information on current issues in research ethics that will either assist their own work and/or enable them to run training courses on research ethics. To find out more, click here



The European Medicines Agency has released for public consultation a draft proposal for an addendum, on transparency, to the “Functional specifications for the EU portal and EU database to be audited - EMA/42176/2014.”

You can find a full press release on this topic here, and the document open for public consultation is available here.

Comments should be provided using this template. The completed comments form should be sent to ctreg@ema.europa.eu


ANSWERS FROM the research community

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An AfRE member university has requested that this question be posed. Please take a moment to read and respond. All replies will be collated, forwarded on,and will be posted to the website.

A question regarding researchers using themselves as participants (e.g. using their own blood samples).  This practice can be referred to as either self-study or self-experimentation.   Whilst we have managed to find some details regarding this practice in educational research, the area we are interested in is STEM based.

Do AfRE members:

  • Allow such practices in their institution?
  • What are their thoughts on this type of research?
  • Know of any relevant guidelines (either institutional, professional or other external body).

Replies please to: jackiemaull@arec.org.uk

What caught our eye this week

Weekend reads: Savage peer reviews, cosmology claim bites dust, $50 million diet pill hoax

Lancet retracts and republishes cardiology paper with admirable notice

‘Three-parent’ babies explained: what are the concerns and are they justified?

No, research does not say that ‘iPads and smartphones may damage toddlers’ brains’

Ebola: Call for more sharing of scientific data

Human v Superbug: Too late to turn the tide?


Earlier articles of interest

AIDS denialism paper retracted after Jeffrey Beall draws attention to it

Fake peer review fells two more papers

FDA allows testing of Aethlon's device in Ebola patients


Evaluation fundamentals for Horizon 2020


Weekend reads: Maggie Simpson publishes a paper, why correcting the scientific record is hard


A must for every researcher who publishes in an academic or scientific journal

Failure to Achieve Diversity in Clinical Trials Persists


Warning over experimental brain boost


Breast cancer drug tamoxifen has long-term effect, study finds



UNLV English professor fired for plagiarizing Updike, Said, Zizek, and more


Second expression of concern appears for chemistry group under institutional review


Revealed: 100 safety breaches at UK labs handling potentially deadly diseases


Why we must not stall technological progress, despite its threat to humanity


Health research chief seeks protection 


Promising compound rapidly eliminates malaria parasite


Latest news from the HRA

HRA Approval

HRA Approval programme update
Phased implementation of pharmacy assurances in HRA Approval
Forthcoming vacancies

Replacement for the Research Governance Framework
Protocol guidance and templates
Ebola – expedited Research Ethics Committee (REC) review
‘One stop shop’ for advice on regenerative medicine open for business
Live consultations and surveys – closing shortly
Consistency in REC review

Research summaries now on HRA website

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NEW* - From AfRE Annual Conference 2014

Clinical Trials regulation in Europe

Liz Philpots

Security Sensitive Research

Tom Sorrell

Responsible publishing

Margaret Rees

Streamlining informed consent

Nalin Thakker

Cluster RCTs

Sarah Edwards  

Challenges of social care research

Martin Stevens


AfRE Annual Conference and AGM

Another year and another huge success for our Annual Conference - 'It may be ethical, but is it responsible?'

Special thanks go to our wonderful Speakers, who all gave their time and expertise for nothing more than a lunch and a coffee. We are eternally grateful to: 

Liz Philpots

Tom Sorrell

Margaret Rees

Nalin Thakker

Sarah Edwards

Martin Stevens

I would also like to thank the staff at the Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury for their wonderful service, Keith Lackenby for stepping into the breech at the last moment, and most of all, the delegates who made the day such a wonderful event.

AfRE Update

Following the AGM, I would like to thank the following Trustees whose time on AfRE Council has now come to an end:

David Croisdale-Appleby

Gella Richards

Mark Turtle

With thanks to David for sharing his skills and experience and being a wonderful support, to Gella for her enthusiasm and knowledge of the university sector and to Mark, a Past Chair whose humour, calm nature and exceptional support have been valued and will be missed.


I would also like to thank Tim Stibbs, our outgoing Chair, for his wise counsel and generosity of time and resources and welcome Margaret Rees, our new Chair of Trustees. 

A warm welcome too, for our new Trustees Andrew Rawnsley and David Anderson-Ford. Two highly experienced people from the world of research ethics who will further strengthen our increasingly elite Council of Trustees.


The Association for Research Ethics and the University of the Arts London worked together to present a pilot workshop on 6th November.

A challenging new initiative by AfRE and UAL explored the ethical issues and threats to integrity that may arise when conducting research in the arts at national and international level.

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Save the Date!

Bristol, 10th March 2015

'The Internet and Social Media'


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'It may be ethical, but is it responsible'?

14th November 2014, Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury

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Congratulations to our Editors!

Research Ethics has been accepted for coverage in Scopus. This is great news, and is a real mark of the quality and standing of the journal. It’s also a positive step for international visibility, and will attract authors for whom citation metrics and quality markers are of particular importance.

The feedback from Scopus was incredibly positive: “Outstanding journal, excellent content, high profile citations -- in short, green lights all the way. Welcome to Scopus.”


Training Programmes

AfRE is delighted to announce the launch of its new training brochure. Our training is designed with you in mind, so whether you are looking for in-house training days, sharing your training delivery with local partners or saving the pennies by hosting a workshop, we will deliver value for money, quality training, suited to you. For more information, download our brochure now.



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Framework of Policies and Procedures

for University Research Ethics Committees available here

If you would like to participate in our Pilot Study, please contact jackiemaull@arec.org.uk

A series of workshops to support the framework will take place during 2014 - look out for dates in your area!


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AfRE is an independent, self-governing body of Research Ethics Community Members, with the aim of fostering excellence in research involving human participants that will enhance human health or well-being.